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The Client:

Samsung UK

The Brief:

To show Samsung what Newsjacking is and how it's done - Like a boss.

The Role:

To be involved in the creative brainstorming and as the sole developer. Alongside the build, I also ensured feasibility of the ideas.

The Execution:

Creative thinking, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, Hosting management.

The key to success was finding a trending story, with relevance to Samsung and then acting on it fast.

Day one, I was part of a small team of creatives and social experts posted to Samsung HQ, we bought the client up to speed on the process.

Day two, we started looking for relevant stories to hijack. We soon noticed a lot of buzz around the new Avengers film, which was also sponsored by Samsung. We quickly brainstormed and came up with the idea to create a website that would allow users to pretend that they had an ARC Reactor in their chest. We also used this as an opportunity to showcase the "impossibly bright Super AMOLED digital display" of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Within 6 hours we had successfully sourced a news story, designed, built and launched a website.

Now, full disclosure, this wasn't the most sophisticated website I've built, however I learned a lot. From dealing with the client in real-time, to brainstorming, to rapid prototyping and delivering it all within a very tight deadline, it was a lot of fun and the client loved it.

Just look at these happy faces: