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We Are David Bailey

The Client:

Samsung UK

The Brief:

To increase awareness and sales of the Samsung Smart camera range.

The Role:

Technical guide during the creative stages and built the Facebook app and microsite.

The Execution:

Technical concepting, HTML, CSS, JS(+libs), PHP, MySQL, Social API's.

Brucey Bonus:

Over 35 awards including 3 Cannes Lion (1 x Gold, 2 x Bronze).

The first phase was to create a website that over 140 "David Baileys" could upload images to, then organise and display them to be moderated.

The second phase was to create a Facebook page that used the moderated images as part of a feed, as well as user profiles.

This was managed through a custom CMS. The rest of the campaign (print, TV, etc) also used this content and the whole campaign had Facebook at its core. It not only had to be user friendly but also robust, as it had primetime advertising during X-Factor.