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Chuck Stop

The Client:


The Brief:

To create a peice of viral content around hacking a pair of Chuck Taylors. This was a competition with the aim to generate traffic for the launch of Converse on Google+

The Role:

Creative input and technical guidance.

The Execution:

Microcontroller (similar to Arduino), RFID, GPS, Workshop fabrication.

Brucey Bonus:

We came 3rd out of 20 agencies.

To answer the breif we built an RFID enabled skateboard stand. This stand had skateboards locked to the front of it and a RFID reader at the bottom. To unlock a skateboard you would need to be wearing a speacial pair of Chuck Taylors that had an approved RFID chip in the sole.

"What about tea leafs?"
I built a mount for a GPS tracker and installed it between the trucks and the board, without affecting the stearing.

This is by far one of my favourite projects I've worked on. It not only involved physical tech which I really enjoy, but it was a great example of collaboration. We all pulled together and completed this almost entirely in our spare time.